Georgia CAs are encouraged to attend GCC Continuing Education courses in the areas of Chiropractic History/Philosophy, Ethics, Risk Management, Georgia Laws & Rules, and Chiropractic Research. We offer very low tuition to these classes and each course counts toward the GCC Dynamic CA Certification. 

CA Georgia State required X-ray Certification:  If you have a CA in need of the Georgia CA X-ray course we have BIG NEWS... the course is now available online for your CAs to get their certification on your schedule and theirs. Remember, your CAs cannot take x-rays if they have not completed the state required 6 hour x-ray safety and procedures course.  We have done the research and found that RAD101 provides everything required for GA CAs at a very affordable price.  

For additional CA training look for GCC recommended CA courses at our GCC partner events such as Dynamic Essentials. It is our desire to help your office better serve patients through quality CA training.

Also, check our Classifieds page for Help Wanted postings.  GCC is your source for matching great CAs with principled DCs for a rewarding career in chiropractic!

GCC...Where Success and the Principle Live!


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