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Refund/Cancellation Policy


Membership Dues:  Membership dues paid to the Georgia Council of Chiropractic (GCC) are non-refundable.


Membership Cancellation:  Initial membership term is one year.  Membership cancellations, after completion of the first year, become effective at the end of the currently paid period (month, quarter or year) when received prior to the next billing period via postal mail, fax, or confirmed email.  If membership has lapsed more than 12 months, a new application will be considered to be a new first year commitment.  Applications to re-join after a lapse in membership will be considered only at the then current membership categories and dues payment options.  Members electing to cancel their membership for other than financial hardship are kindly requested to provide feedback so that we may better serve the needs of the chiropractic profession in Georgia.   


Seminars and Continuing Education Programs:  All fees paid related to GCC seminars and continuing education programs will  be considered non-refundable after the pre-registration deadline for the seminar or program.  In the event the program or seminar does not have a pre-registration deadline, fees paid will be considered non-refundable 5 working days before the start of the seminar or program.  Credit for a missed event may be applied to a similar event within 12 months of the original event.  Refunds shall be issued, less a $25 processing fee, within 14 days of determining eligibility for refund. 


Over Payments:  Members with an excess credit on their account shall have the following options:

  1. Allow the credit to be a donation to the general fund of the organization or applied against the event that generated the credit.
  2. Leave the credit on the account and apply to the next item charged against the account.
  3. Ask for a refund of the credit to be processed in your name and in the same or equivalent payment method. No refund will be paid in cash.


Questions regarding the Georgia Council of Chiropractic Refund Policy may be directed to Katrine Frazier, GCC Executive Director, at 678-667-4567 or


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