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Student - One Time Fee While in DC School (Non-voting): $40

DC - First 12 months after graduation.(Non-voting): $0

DC - Licensed 12-23 months (One Year): $125

DC - Licensed 24-35 months (One Year): $200

DC - Licensed 24-35 months (12 monthly payments of $20): $20

DC - Licensed 3 or more years (Annually): $400

DC - Licensed 3 or more years (monthly payments of $45): $45

DC - Couple (DC Spouses in same office) (Annually): $600

DC - Couple (DC Spouses, same office) (monthly): $65

Faculty - Full Time Faculty, also practicing (Annually): $200

Faculty - Full Time Faculty, not practicing (Annually): $50

DC65 - Over age 65, still practicing (Annually): $200

Retired - Over age 65, not practicing (Annually): $50

Affiliate - DCs practicing out of state only (Annually): $50

Auxiliary - (CA, Vendor, non-DC Spouse: non-voting) (Annually): $40


Terms of Membership

By submitting an online application for membership to the Georgia Council of chiropractic, you are agreeing to the following terms of membership.

Membership in the Georgia Council of Chiropractic is subject to approval by the board of directors. All memberships are continuous on an annual basis. Dues payments are offered annually or monthly for most members.   The monthly payment schedule is offered for your convenience and therefore does not negate the annual membership commitment.

Membership cancellations after the first year of membership may be submitted in writing via email, postal mail or fax.   Cancellations will be effective as of the next scheduled payment following receipt of your cancellation.   Contact the GCC office (678-667-4567) for questions about your payment schedule dates.



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