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Dear Colleagues,

Many of you may have heard by now that I have decided to run for the Georgia House of Representatives in the 73rd District representing parts of Spalding, Henry and Fayette Counties. Our current incumbent has been in the seat for over twenty years, and as some of you know I have been looking for an opportunity to serve for a while...I feel that NOW IS THE TIME!

So what does that mean to the Chiropractic community? Not only will this give the 73rd district a fresh new voice in the district, but it gives Georgia Chiropractors a seat at the table.  TODAY, I need your prayers & financial support to WIN this campaign...and as you all know I am in it to win it!

Our campaign finance link is located at  for your convenience, so please donate TODAY!  Or, mail your donation to: Karen Mathiak for State House, PO Box 2311, Griffin, GA 30224.

Thanks for your support and investment in our campaign, and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me anytime.  cell 678-478-6534

Karen Mathiak, DC


Dear Colleagues,

We have at this time, in Doctor Karen Mathiak, an opportunity not to be missed.  She has thrown her hat into the political arena to run for state representative for the 73rd district.  Her opposition will be intense.  She needs our help NOW.

She has been a politically active chiropractor for the last 30 years, serving on the state board of examiners, a member of FCLB, and many other committees.  She is a hardworking, dedicated chiropractor, who can represent us well.  This is an unprecedented opportunity for ALL chiropractors in Georgia to have a voice at the capitol.

With her primary election in May, there is a great sense of urgency at this time. She needs our support and money.  I urge all of you to help her political campaign with a donation to her PAC.

We all need to be part of this effort and band together to elect one of our own to Georgia's legislature. Please use her link above to donate at this time. Thank you in advanced for your generous support.  

Sincerely yours,

Bradford J. Pizza, D.C., FICA
Chairman, Chiropractors in Politics
GCC Legislative Committee


Georgia Chiropractors:

As with many of our members, I consider Dr Sid Williams to be an influential person in my life. I am grateful to be standing on the shoulders of this giant in many areas of my life. A direct impact of his legacy is the political efforts of the GCC. It was always an honor to go to the Georgia Capitol with him. Everyone, young and old, would come out and meet with Dr Sid, and they knew what he stood for.

Dr Sid always welcomed the idea of having a Chiropractor in our Georgia legislative body.  Well, I believe he would be happy with the recent announcement of Dr Karen Mathiak as she jumps into the political arena to run for state representative for the 73rd district. However, she does have intense opposition, so she needs our help NOW.

This is a huge opportunity for ALL chiropractors in Georgia to have a voice at the capitol. Dr Mathiak's primary election is in May, so there is a great sense of urgency at this time. She needs our support and money. Myself and the GCC board urge all of you to help Dr Mathiak's political campaign with a donation to her PAC . Myself, the GCC, and I believe Dr Sid Williams too, all appreciate your generous support.  

Always Faithful,

Awais Butt, DC, FICA
President, Georgia Council of Chiropractic


GCC 2016 CE Express Tour...

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GCC Chiropractic Day at the Capitol 2016


Dr. Tim Langley, of Marietta, named GCC 2015 Chiropractor of the Year...

Dr. Langley is a tireless, humble servant of the chiropractic profession, its principles and the people of his community. The award was presented to him by last year's recipient, Dr. Drew Henderson   . Following the presentation of the award, Dr. Tim was welcomed into the GCC Hall of Fame by previous recipients, and received an official congratulations from GCC President, Dr. Awais Butt.  
The inscription on the palque presented to Dr. Langley reads as follows:

Chiropractor of the Year 2015
is awarded to
Dr. Tim Langley


for SERVING with Pride the
Georgia Council of Chiropractic
and the Chiropractic profession,


for GIVING with Passion of one’s self
above and beyond expectations,


and for LOVING a Principle, 
a profession and the people.


Georgia Council in Action

Governor Nathan Deal Proclaims March 2015 Chiropractic Month in Georgia

Chiropractors, students, and patients celebrated Chiropractic Day at the Georgia Capitol on February 19th taking photos with the Governor as he delivered the annual proclamation declaring March as Chiropractic Month in Georgia. While at the capitol, GCC board members and legislative committee members met with various legislators who have supported Chiropractic in Georgia. 




2015 GA Legislature Wild Hog Supper

GCC Board Members and Leaders Join Georgia Governor Nathan Deal and Other Georgia Legislators in Celebrating the Opening of Georgia's 2015 Legislative Session .







Subluxation Awareness 

Georgia Governor Presents Proclamation to GCC

September 23, 2014, at Capital in Atlanta


Georgia’s Governor, Nathan Deal,  once again presented a proclamation proclaiming September to be Subluxation Awareness Month to the Leadership of the GCC.  The presentation took place at the Georgia Capitol on Tuesday, September 23, 2014. 

The proclamation notes the health concerns of subluxations and declares September as a month of education and outreach, "I, Nathan Deal, Governor of the State of Georgia, do hereby proclaim September 2014, as Subluxation Awareness Month in Georgia."  (Click on  proclamation thumbnail to read full proclamation)




GCC Mission Statement

The Georgia Council of Chiropractic is 100% committed to protecting, promoting and perpetuating chiropracTIC to benefit Georgia's citizens and the ChiropracTORS serving in Georgia.

Our mission is to profess and promote the ideals and principles of the founder of chiropractic, Dr. DD Palmer, the developer of chiropractic, Dr. BJ Palmer, and the defender of chiropractic and founder of the GCC, Dr. Sid E. Williams.

The GCC proclaims that detecting and correcting Vertebral Subluxations is a just and noble cause, which allows people to express 100% of their innate potential for health, happiness and overall well-being.

The GCC also notes that Chiropractic is not therapeutic, and should remain a non-therapeutic  profession, which does not embrace a therapeutic approach to health and does not include the use of drugs or surgery.

The GCC recognizes the legal rights of all licensed Doctors of Chiropractic to practice within the legal parameters of their state law. We welcome as members all, regardless of practice style, who understand and respect the ideals as set forth by the GCC.

Amended June 7, 2012


GCC GCA Joint Legislative Meeting

GCC Board Members and Leaders met with GCA Board Members and Leaders on Tuesday, December 10th for discussions regarding Georgia Senate Bill 261 which will be processed in the upcoming 2014 session of the Georgia Legislature.  For more information about the meeting or about Senate Bill 261, contact GCC's Legislative Chair, Dr. Brad Pizza or GCC President, Dr. Awais Butt .

Georgia Council of Chiropractic president, Dr. Braile, speaks before the US Department of Education’s, National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity (NACIQI), concerning the Council on Chiropractic Education’s (CCE) reaccreditation.

Click here for press release.

Click here for GCC article on USDE NACIQI hearing on CCE.

Click here for transcript of GCC testimony .

Click here for NACIQI Staff report on CCE

Image Copy of Article from Chronicles of Higher Education on CCE and hearing.

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